Email marketing case studies

You had to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page in order to see an email icon and know there was a newsletter," she said. Previously, Gardner said, Dormify had "definitely more of a batch-and-blast approach. And you can reward your loyal customers by giving them something for free every now and then.

We had an electronic but manual list of subscribers for print and digital requests to our semi-quarterly newsletter," Myers said. Each year, Zumba Fitness hosts an Instructor Convention, which instructors at itslocations are encouraged to attend.

Castro joined Zachys in when the website was a secondary thought to the in-store retail business: While many nonprofits send postal mailings in December, HealthConnect One was worried that their postal mailing would get lost in the shuffle of holiday mail. Vogel said that generally, "We have made a strategic decision to focus on omni-channel and the customer journey, which has helped us align to drive efficiencies and strategic changes throughout the organization.

Digital wallet Dashlane uses customer reviews to increase clickthrough rate on already optimized newsletter As more and more personal data is stored online, the most important question password manager Dashlane needed to answer for customers was, "Can you be trusted?

Therefore, marketers face the challenge of finding and fine-tuning the optimal frequency for their brands with rigorous testing and evaluation. And when you add an element of personalization, plain text emails appear to be written just for the reader.

Though each email had completely unique copy within the body of the email, the copy all highlighted the same four points: Her team found that they were sending too many irrelevant messages to too many people. In the case study below, see how the team integrated the automation system and worked closely with the sales team to qualify leads and nurture them with a drip campaign.

Based on the findings, Stamper and her team created reservation emails with supporting videos to answer the questions customers have before they actually visit an Extra Space Storage facility. Among the most important lead sources, email marketing stands out as a clear winner.

Customer loyalty is the key to success. Read this MarketingSherpa case study to discover the relationship between email send frequency among apparel retailers and to learn how to optimize your send frequency for customer engagement, regardless of industry.

We noticed it was doing a little bit of a disservice to us in the fact that we weren't able to tell our story if we weren't marketing in an appropriate way," he said. Over the past year, Gardner and her team have been personalizing three automated email series: Read the nine most popular case studies from this year to see how marketers from both B2B and B2C companies best utilized email.

I began looking for marketing automation platforms. A new user creates an account but, they do not use your product within the first 7 days.

Nearly half of the customers renting with Extra Space Storage have never used storage before, according to Stamper. The "PS" statement enforced that all donations would be matched.

According to Vogel, the team asked themselves, "You'll see many brands include navigation within their email template, but why? Long form emails can include more detailed copy whereas shorter emails will send the reader directly to a targeted landing page.

Argos Argos, a UK-based toys, trinkets, and home furnishings retailer implemented a new basket abandonment email.Note: This is a mega list of 44 best email marketing case studies.

Many people say email marketing is dead. However, some people believe that it is one of the best, free methods to achieve your marketing goals and get to your customers.

Email Marketing Case Study: Improving Revenue with Email

Email marketing is isn’t a channel – it’s one layer of a customer-centric company. This case study reveals how complex (and truly valuable) it is to use email to grow a business.

Marketing Case Studies

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Marketing Case Studies Check out our marketing case study examples to learn valuable lessons about how direct mail marketing can grow your business! These examples of marketing success are sure to inspire and motivate you to take your marketing and business to the next level! Below you’ll find a curated list of case studies featuring technology innovations that can transform your marketing efforts, build brand equity and increase market share.

Quick Response Codes This interactive bar code has found its way onto coffee cups, subway station posters and mailers. Email remains one of the most effective channels for cutting through the noise and converting leads.

Here's how five companies make it work.

Email marketing case studies
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