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Along with eliminating double-taxation, the proposed plan would get rid of payroll taxes and taxes on capital and investments. Plus, since many wealthy individuals Fair tax act essay invest on their own and in other businesses, they may be further motivated to do so.

Because consumption rates have been much more stable than incomes, figuring out tax revenues will likely be simpler, and estimates will be more accurate. Because the capital gains tax would be eliminated, individuals who can afford to invest will enjoy tax-free compound growth.

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Ensures fairness in treatment of all citizens since a similar rate is charged on all kinds of goods regardless of the type.

What Is the Fair Tax Act Explained – Pros and Cons

Galethe percentage of income taxed is regressive at higher income levels as consumption falls as a percentage of income. The deceptive presentation of the fair tax proposal. Rob Woodall is a congressional representative in favor of the fair tax system.

Mcrobbie post feminism and popular culture essay screwed up essay clothing brand. Revenue neutrality of the FairTax A key question surrounding the FairTax is whether the tax has the ability to be revenue-neutral; that is, whether the tax would result in an increase or reduction in overall federal tax revenues.

This means that they will produce at a lower cost and therefore sell at a lower price to the customers.

Fair Tax Act - Essay Example

This is because the incomes of the middle class will be charged at a higher rate than those earning extremely large amounts of income. As responsible citizens, we need to examine the facts of the Fair Tax ourselves.

The best way to create a truly equitable system of taxation is to demand hard facts over catchy soundbites and empty promises. The FairTax statutory rateunlike most U. This results in a budget deficit. In fact, while many current tax incentives are specifically created to drive consumer spending, the large sales tax could discourage consumers from spending freely, thus hurting the economy.

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The act will abolish all capital gains. The Fair Tax Essay example Words | 5 Pages. operates on tax revenues. The FairTax is a tax-inclusive progressive national retail sales tax that replaces every other federal tax in America.

A Prebate to all households each month the federal sales tax they pay on basic necessities, up to an independently determined level of spending (a.

k. a., the poverty level, as determined by the Department of Health and Human Services), which removes the burden of federal taxation on the poor and makes the FairTax Act more. The Fair Tax Act may attempt to improve the current system, which favors the wealthy with loopholes and big deductions, by replacing it with a more equitable system of taxation.

However, this may not be the case. Tax, and the Value Added Tax where hotly debated during the political campaign cycle. Now they seem all but forgotten. Any drastic tax reform might be preferable to the status quo, but the Fair Tax is by far the most promising.

The Fair Tax Act, a proposal to replace all existing federal taxes with a national sales tax, would spur the economic. Fair tax act research paper. Gold museum bogota descriptive essay 21st century celebrity culture essay monty python youtube argumentative essays kitab ki ahmiyat essays citing speeches in essay on going home joan didion essay on self flight from death the quest for immortality essays gewetensbezwaren euthanasia essay graduate the ses and.

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