Love and youth group

Not just the person in youth who you think is the perfect Christian. Did you modify it for your context?


Has there ever been a time when you worried that God might not love you? Have each team line up in a single file behind their bowl of hearts. Which part of the scripture stuck out to you the most and why? Depression Frustration Many tangents from these topics are relevant for lessons as well.

Have a few current love songs lyrics ready to give to the students to use. I love the freedom to be creative in Youth Ministry I love earning frequent flyer miles that I will never be able to actually cash in on mission trips I lead Depression Frustration Many tangents from these topics are relevant for lessons as well.

What did you do? Each team has a bowl of heart candy. I love that my kids can often come along Our culture gives us all kinds of crazy examples of love. Go Where God Leads You If there is one thing every youth pastor knows, it is that things will almost never go as planned.

Hey, I love you. Do you love me? Because whether you knew it or not… God is waiting on that answer.

3 Youth Group Lessons Free to Print

Maybe you have experienced it: I love seeing students lead others to Jesus God loves us so much and He desires for us to love him back. And over and over they chose not to. True love puts its own best interests on the back shelf and is looking out for the needs and interests of the other person.

Every week, before, after and even during service, there are opportunities to meet new people and help them know that they belong here.

Youth Group Lessons

I love that Middle School students always laugh at my jokes Take a moment and tell me below which ONE thing from my list of you love the most about Youth Ministry!

People seem to fall in and out of love, but here is the tough truth about any relationship: Gives them another chance.Youth Group Games was formed in with the aim of providing a helpful resources great team building, ice breaker games, ideas and activities for Youth Group Leaders.

Youth Group Games gives you the activities you need to help make your group awesome. Love Group. 76 likes. We are a group of young adults ready to serve our community through the love of Jesus Christ.

Our world gives us so many confusing ideas about ‘love’. But, there is only one true love and that’s the love we find in God.

The Longer Haul

Use this youth group lesson to teach teens that God shows us what true love should look like by the way He loves us. When I entered youth ministry, I must’ve signed a contract agreeing to teach about sex and relationships every February forever it’s law!

Okay, maybe not.

4 Great Core Values for Youth Group

But with all the Valentine’s Day love buzz, it’s a natural time to focus on relationships. Whether it is a midweek program or a weekend service, youth group meetings are typically one of the biggest and most essential parts of your ministry, so defining the purpose is incredibly important.

Prep: You will need to place on 6ft or 8 ft table in the middle of the playing area. Set up a two stools about 20ft away from the table.

On each stool have a large bowl filled with the Valentines Day candy hearts.

Love and youth group
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