Six strategies of critical thinking

Teaching Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking

The better you are involved with the information, the better you will comprehend it. How do you teach critical thinking in your classroom? Also, programs are often "emergent", which is to say that the group might plan the first few hats then the facilitator will see what seems to be the right way to go.

Compare and Contrast Much like classifying, students will need to look closely at each topic or object they are comparing and really think about the significance of each one. They learn how to understand how other people think and that their way is not the only route to explore.

When you think you are threatened i. Do they like the current package? What are you "forbidden" to do?

Critical Thinking in Everyday Life: 9 Strategies

Analyze Six strategies of critical thinking influences on your life. For example, if you are angry, ask yourself, what is the thinking that is making me angry?

The blue hat is a control hat during the critical thinking discussions, it can also act as a moderation hat before and after each circle of thinking. On a daily basis, you can begin to observe your egocentric thinking in action by contemplating questions like these: For example, you might ask yourself questions like these: The author lists three basic characteristics of the skills required to think critically: Be specific and exact.

Compare the shape and color of a pumpkin to another vegetable. The Unreflective Thinker we are unaware of significant problems in our thinking Stage Two: While the six thinking hats method does not follow ordinary human thinking, it can be used during a specific critical thinking session to achieve specific targets such as solving problems, discussing argument, in-depth analysis for planning process and running the creative thinking process.

The only exception is the facilitator, who will tend to keep the blue hat on all the time to make sure things progress effectively.

The Six Hats of Critical Thinking and How to Use Them

The target of using this hat is to understand the different emotional reactions such as love, hate, like and dislike. Recognize explicitly your limitations as far as money, time, and power.

Teaching Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking

During each critical thinking discussion meeting the facilitator determines which hat should be worn in specific part of the discussion as following: We can be happy when otherwise we would have been sad.

For example, can you think about the situation so as to see the humor in it and what is pitiable in it? His design artwork was exhibited in many locations including Croatia, South Africa, Brazil, and Spain.

Review how critical thinkers analyze content. She is also the Elementary Education Expert for About. Review how critical thinkers analyze form. Janelle Cox is an education writer who uses her experience and knowledge to provide creative and original writing in the field of education.

The Six Hats of Critical Thinking and How to Use Them

You coded, you met with investors, you emptied the trash and phoned in the midnight pizza. White hat This hat represents the facts and the information available about the problem or the argument.The six thinking hats method provides a parallel thinking model to get the most out of critical thinking discussions.

By organizing the thinking process using the metaphor of the six hats, stakeholders can ensure that thinking process is covering the topic from different approaches and point of views.

Six Thinking Hats was created by Edward de Bono, and published in his book of the same name. You can now find it in a new edition.

Six Thinking Hats

It forces you to move outside your habitual thinking style, and to look at things from a number of different perspectives. Critical thinking is a skill that young minds will undeniably need and exercise well beyond their school years.

Experts agree that in keeping up with the ever-changing technological advances, students will need to obtain, understand, and analyze information on a much more efficient scale. Creative and Critical Thinking Can Be Taught.

De Bono repeats throughout his writing that critical and creative thinking can be taught. Reinforcing his belief, Common Core documents state that critical thinking is "a key performance outcome" -- it should be taught.

I've used the PMI with second grade, middle school and high school students. Critical Thinking: Lessons from a Continuing Professional Development Initiative in a London Comprehensive Secondary School Conferences & Events Calendar of Events in Critical Thinking.

Social Studies Can Be SPECtacular: and six more strategies for activating critical thinking and historical inquiry [Anthony J Fitzpatrick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The teaching strategies presented in this book allow students to learn substantive social studies content as well as historical inquiry. With the current push toward adoption of the Common Core Standards/5(9).

Six strategies of critical thinking
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