Write a test class in salesforce app

What is public group? There are two fields, if the user populate two field values if we combine those values uniqueness should be maintained, how to achieve this without coding? What is Support process?

What is the difference between 15 digit and 18 digit id in Salesforce? For generating auto numbers, the format needs to be specified while defining the field and after that for every record that is added, the number will get auto generated.

To delete a child object it should not be referred in Apex Classes and Apex Triggers. What is out of box functionality? In some scenario's, we should be able to control one of the field Dependent field from another field Controlling fieldexample If we select Country Controlling field as US then City Dependent Field should display only US cities.

In a Lookup relationship, even if the parent record is deleted, the child record will not be deleted. What is lead process?

Master — Detail Relationship data types will be converted to look up relationship data types. On lead and case objects we can create the Assignment rules.

A roll-up summary field is used to display a value in a master record based on the values of a set of fields in a detail record.

User MUST click himself at least once to select an App on a standard Windows Open With dialog popup, if he also check the Always option, the Hash value is generated and the choice is remembered and written to last two Keys from the list above.

Visualforce pages are served from a different domain to improve security standards and block cross site scripting. In case the Sales manager wants to view the report generated specific to only one of his team members, then he can use dynamic dashboards.

Is it possible to create the Master — Detail Relationship field for the child object which is having existing records? To create the Activities, while creating the object, we should check for 'Allow Activities' check box then user can add open Activities and Activity History related lists on the Object layout.

To control the picklist values of the stage field on the opportunity object we should create sales process. We can assign this queue as the owner of the records objects which are selected for this queue. A bucket field lets you group related records together by ranges and segments, without the use of complex formulas and custom fields.

ISNULL works only for number data type fieds, if we don't populate with value for number fields it will return true. Now comes the concept of dynamic dashboards. What are the type of tabs? The detail record must be related to the master through a master-detail relationship. What is the difference between 15 digit and 18 digit id in Salesforce?

Within the sfdc standered functionality no need to code. No list of Salesforce interview questions is complete without involving relationships between objects in Salesforce. Moreover, in case of mailto they are mandatory and so rendering the Classes values for mailto useless.

Based on the first 3 digits user can identify the object of the record. Can you have a roll up summary field in case of Master-Detail relationship?

What is Inline editing? Later users who are part of that queue can claim the ownership by navigating to list view corresponding to the queue. Department Suppose N number of employee records related to IT department, if we delete IT department all the child Employee records Department field value related to IT department will be get deleted.

The generated HTML code can be hosted in any of the website. Moreover, in case of mailto they are mandatory and so rendering the Classes values for mailto useless. How to Rename the tab? What is Track Field History? What is WhoId and WhatId in activities? How to disable Inline editing? How to display multiple columns after clicking on the tab?I have unit test project called “MyClassTest” in TeamTest.

This project has three TestMethods.

Top 50 Salesforce Interview Questions And Answers You Must Prepare In 2018

Each method needs its own test initialization steps. There are many types of test classes that can be written and run but they revolve around the above example of how to write test class in Salesforce.

Readers who want to learn more about adding test classes in Salesforce can discover even more here. Salesforce Developer Network: Salesforce1 Developer Resources.

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Salesforce is a company which provides a web based tool called Salesforce; Salesforce by following the Cloud Computing approach, providing SAAS and PAAS; SAAS: Providing Sales, Marketing and Call Center applications as a service PAAS: Providing agronumericus.com platform in which we can develop Apex (Programming language similar to Core Java) and Visualforce (Mark up language similar to HTML) logic.

Write a test class in salesforce app
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